Baklava is a Mediterranean delicacy that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, week, month or year.  However, there is one day set aside to celebrate – Thursday, November 17th is National Baklava Day! In honor of this day, I have a few recipe ideas that combine the latest culinary dessert trends and our Baklava to take it to the extreme.

Baklava Sundae

Kronos handmade baklava plays on your senses, with an indulgent sweetness that is perfectly balanced by richness and texture.  A contrasting flavor – like something spicy, would elevate this classic dessert to a higher level with layers of flavor nuances.  Start with 2 scoops of vanilla or butter pecan ice cream and serve alongside Kronos baklava or top it with crumbled baklava.  To make it an “Angry Greek Sundae” sprinkle ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon, ½ teaspoon of cocoa powder and 1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper.  Of course, no sundae is complete without hot fudge or caramel sauce; whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top.

Deep-Fried Baklava

Today you don’t have to go to a fair to experience everything deep-fried.  Deep-frying foods has earned a common place at tables as it adds layers of interesting texture and flavor – especially to baklava!  Submerge Kronos baklava in a light funnel cake-style batter and deep fry until golden brown.  Top it with chocolate sauce or honey and powdered sugar.  Serve it “Angry Greek Style” by sprinkling with cinnamon, cocoa powder and cayenne pepper.

Baklava Cheesecake

Our baklava chocolat is handmade with layers of cocoa infused fillo dough; giving it a beautiful color with a robust, chocolaty flavor. It makes the perfect complement crumbled over a classic cheesecake.  Drizzle the plate with caramel and chocolate sauce and finish with a dollop of whip cream.

Whether you’re a long time baklava lover or first time taster, be sure to get your fill today, November 17th to celebrate National Baklava Day.

-Chef Nick

2 Responses to “Baklava Extreme”

  1. Diana

    The grocery store had a tray of Kronos Baklava at their clearance rack after the holidays [what Greek would not buy two for the price of one-we save money and then we can afford a treat and are blessed twice so we can share with others!] Could not resist. Baklava is a part of our Greek heritage but most people purchase the filo dough rather than roll it out paper thin like in past generations. But Kronos Baklava is exquisite. Like to eat mine with fresh fruits. And though people think it is fattening – it is so sweet – you only need to eat one small piece with strong coffee for a perfect dessert and that is not much over 100 calories. Thank you for carrying on the Greek tradition. Mediterranean is so healthy and balanced. My favorite. This is like the older yia yias from years ago when I was a little girl would make. Cooking is a great art and a cultural experience. Kronos Baklava melts in the mouth and the joy of this indulgence takes us to Greece in our hearts and souls. You know this Baklava is the best – only a few trays were left from the other day-nobody can resist! It is a challenge to find Baklava in the grocery stores except on holidays or at the Greek market downtown where my grandpa and his brothers had their businesses and used to stop in for the Greek foods. Delicious!

    • Jillian Hermanowicz


      Thank you for sharing your love of baklava with us. We love it just as much as you do!


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