Even experienced chefs can benefit from new recipe ideas and inspiration from time to time. Find inspirational menu ideas below for creating delicious, healthy and balanced Mediterranean-inspired food that will bring added creativity to your menu.

  • Gyros Sliders

    Ethnic/street-inspired appetizers are ranked number three on the list of hot appetizer trends according to NRA’s 2014 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast.  Satisfy your patron’s demand for Gyros and stay on trend with Kronos Portion Control Gyros Slices to create the perfect Gyros Sliders.  Portion Control Gyros offers Kronos authentic GyroKone taste without all the work.

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  • Breakfast Hummus Dip

    Hummus has certainly made a splash into the mainstream and now it’s making its way across all day-parts!  Offer your customers a healthy breakfast with Kronos Classic Hummus.  Get creative by mixing Classic Hummus with peanut butter and Greek yogurt then top with raisins and nuts to create the perfect protein packed dip.  Serve along side warmed Pita Bread wedges and fruit to create the perfect balanced breakfast.

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  • Kabob Appetizer Platter

    This multicultural classic’s popularity is on the rise.  Keep your menu on-trend with the simple addition of Kronos Kabobs.  Grill up with colorful vegetables for a great presentation and serve with Tzatziki sauce for dipping.

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  • Kabob Salad

    Kronos’ perfectly portioned Kabobs make it easy to control food cost and eliminate waste.  Grill up one 4 ounce stick as the perfect addition to any salad.  Serve with a side of warmed Kronos Pita Bread.

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  • Mediterranean Pizza

    Add some street fare to your menu with Chicken Shawarma, a common Mediterranean street food.  Top Kronos Flatbread Pizza Crust with Chicken Shawarma and other Mediterranean vegetables and cheeses to create the perfect pizza.

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  • Salad in Fillo Dough Bowl

    Serve any salad in a fillo bowl made with Kronos Oiled Fillo Dough.

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