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Scaling Up to Meet Ethnic Enthusiasm

One of the many positive outcomes of our innovation is the growing ability of Kronos to “spread the word.” As the leading manufacturer of Mediterranean food, we are excited to offer two solutions to satisfy both the core of our business – independent Greek restaurants and diners – as well as the fast casual and quick service categories where they haven’t served gyros.

I was always confident that the incredible demand for our product will grow the category without threatening our terrific core of independent ethnic restaurants around the country. By exposing the masses to gyros in restaurant chains, we are igniting the demand for gyros everywhere.

Whether you’re an independent restauranteur who loves the theater and the show of carving in front of the customer, a chain looking for fresh and exciting options to draw in Millennials or a grocerant looking to compete in the foodservice industry, we’ve got you covered.

How Innovation and Leadership Can Inject Growth

What started with the frustration of an on-trend product being consigned to a small market taught us valuable lessons on the way to an innovative, category-altering solution.

  1. We stopped worrying about the competition in our relatively small category.
  2. We started thinking about how to GROW the category.
  3. We learned what the growth obstacles were via research.
  4. We set out to solve the problems of our customers and our consumers with an innovative new product.
  5. We adopted an attention-getting, innovative sales approach that the product deserved.

In an era of over-expansion and stagnant disposable income, the restaurant business has its struggles. Everyone is looking to be different, to have something that other people don’t have. I’m excited that we’re offering operators a chance to add something unique to their menus and to be able to capitalize on many of the consumer eating trends that are happening out there. The brands that deliver what consumers want in a convenient way are better positioned to deliver above-market performance.

I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or examples of how you’ve approached similar challenges.

—Howard is CEO at Kronos Foods Corp. Prior to that he was President and COO of Vienna Beef in Chicago. Over 30 years in food service and retail environments, he has exhibited a knack for coming up with dynamic improvements and innovations that leave his customers as satisfied as they would be after finishing a gyros sandwich.—

2 Responses to “Craving Gyros? I’ve Got an Army of Robots on It.”

  1. Mark/Teresa Dinwiddie dba Dinwiddie's authentic GYRO'S

    I love to cook and am tired of dead end jobs, we are exploring purchasing a food trailer and are locating 2 or 3 spots in our small town where there is only 1 restaurant with authentic gyros. several food trucks have sprung up, but most are Mexican food. we are looking seriously at this opportunity. Our town is half-way between Nashville and Chattanooga Tennessee .We plan to have a small menu with Gyros , roasted potatoes .greek salad , Tzatziki sauce and Baklava for desert . Our Pastor ok’d use of a portion of the parking lot and we plan to have the hours 11 am to 4 pm to catch High School students after leaving school for the day. Would greatly appreciate a price list and shipping cost of the Gyro meat, sauce of Greak yogurt , pita bread . your Meat would free up 1200.00 for a vertical cooker

    • Jillian Hermanowicz

      Thank you for your interest in Kronos products. A customer service representative will contact you with more information. We wish you success on your new endeavor.


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