Kronos fillo dough and fillo shells celebrate all that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer—quality, versatility and great taste that everyone enjoys. Our unique combination of old-world recipes and proprietary innovations allow us to keep our products consistently delicious and authentic. Kronos fillo is packed fresh and immediately frozen to allow for optimal taste and texture in your menu creation.

  • Oiled Fillo Dough 12″ x 17″ Sheets

    Kronos is proud to offer an INNOVATIVE fillo dough that is made by evenly distributing an olive oil blend onto every sheet of fillo dough thus eliminating the labor intense process of hand brushing each fillo sheet and the breakage caused when separating layers. Our new pre-portioned fillo dough won’t crack or dry out so you don’t have to be an experienced chef to work with fillo dough anymore. Having a fresh texture, neutral flavor, consistent results and optimal yield with no cracking, Kronos offers the perfect fillo product to create elegant dishes without the intensive labor.

  • Flat Fillo Dough 12″ x 17″ Sheets

    Kronos “unrolls” a product that was created specifically with foodservice operators in mind. We have reduced the hassle of working with fillo dough simply by changing the packaging! These fine sheets of fillo dough are lightly dusted with cornstarch for non-stick and easy handling.

    This hassle free flat pack was designed specifically for foodservice operators and features numerous benefits: Resealable zip lock bags that keep fillo fresh; fillo thaws quickly and is ready to use – no unrolling; no cracked edges or torn pieces from over-handling; 3/4 lb. flat pack contains 13-16 sheets per pound.

  • Fillo Shells

    Kronos’ pre-formed, pre-baked mini fillo shells are ideal for everything from appetizers to desserts as their neutral flavor lends well to being filled with savory and sweet ingredients. For creative and delectable two-bite treats fillo shells are ideal!

Fillo Dough & Shells
Fillo Dough
338091Oiled Fillo Dough (12" x 17")2/18 srv. bag5-7 sheets14
338182Flat Fillo Dough (12" x 17")3/4 lb13-16 sheets14
Fillo Shells
338084Fillo Shells, Mini12/30 pcs.360 pcs.5
338184Fillo Shells, Mini12/15 pcs.180 pcs.3