At Kronos we celebrate all that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer – quality ingredients and great taste that everyone enjoys.

Since 1975 we have been making the highest quality fillo pies and fillo dough for restaurants.  Now we deliver this same restaurant quality to your freezer case with our Spanakopita, Tyropita and Fillo Dough.

Consumers are looking now, more than ever, for ways to incorporate more ethnic flavors into their meals.  Kronos takes pride in being able to offer consumers an authentic taste of the Mediterranean.  Stay on top of consumer trends with Kronos Fillo Classics in your freezer case.

Each eye-catching package of our fillo pies contain twelve one-ounce pieces in a ready to bake tray.  Your customers will love the simplicity of this bake and serve pack to make the perfect gourmet appetizer, snack or entrée for any occasion.

  • Kronos Spanakopita

    Spanakopita is a delicious blend of spinach and tangy Feta cheese hand-wrapped in crispy, flaky fillo dough.

  • Kronos Tyropita

    Tyropita is a scrumptious mix of tangy Feta cheese and cream cheese hand-wrapped in crispy, flaky fillo dough.

    Both Spanakopita and Tyropita are prepared with fresh fillo for optimal taste and texture.

  • Sinbad Fillo Dough

    Sinbad Fillo Dough is the convenient way for your customers to make delicious appetizers, desserts and entrées in their own kitchen.  This light, flaky dough bakes up perfect each and every time!  Approximately 24-28 sheets that are 12” x 17”.

Fillo Pies
3321631 00 77589 33263 8Spanakopita 1 oz.12/12 pcs.144/1oz.11
3321731 00 77589 33273 7Tyropita 1 oz.12/12 pcs.144/1oz.11
Fillo Dough
Fillo Dough
3380811 00 77589 37081 4Fillo Dough Sheets (12" x 17")12/1 lb.96/2oz.15